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Locate Wholesale Bikinis Products and Merchandise. Great Sources for Wholesale Bikinis Distributors and Discounters. Search for Bulk and Cheap Bikinis, Bathingsuits, Swimwear and Accessories: bandeau bikinis, surf bikinis, swimsuits, billabong bikinis and many more Top-Selling Name Brands.... .
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Disposable Underwear Load

Wholesale Disposable Underwear Load FOB: Los Angeles Master Case This wholesale load of disposable underwear is a one-time, take-all deal. Orders for less than take-all may be considered. Items are brand new, sealed and retail-ready! Load includes disposable underwear for men, women and children. Items are retail-packed in packets of 5, with hang tabs for easy display. Each master case contains 15 inner packs. Each inner pack contains 10 retail sets. Each retail set contains 5 individually wrapped disposable underwear. (750 individual pairs or 150 retail packs per master case). Packing Cost Case (15x10) $50 Inner Pack (10) $3.33 Retail Pack of 5 $0.33 (The load contains 285,000 retail 5-packs of underwear) Items are non-woven, made of soft polypropylene. Each pack measures 5" x 4" x 1" and weighs 2 oz. Men's briefs come in white, blue and black. Each pack will come with the same 5 solid colored briefs. Women's briefs come in solid packs, in variety packs including pink, white, yellow, green blue or red underwear, as well as floral and dotted patterns. Please note the load is heaviest in women's bikinis and briefs, representing approximately 60% of the load. The women's underwear come in three styles: briefs, bikinis and thongs. These items are excellent for: Correctional facilities Security institutions University Health Networks Rehabilitation centers Emergency supply centers Doctor's clinics Hospitals Surgery clinics Spa centers Travel stores Airport gift shops Dollar stores Lingerie stores Approximate breakdown for the load is as follows: Item # Description Type Color One Size Fits Most S M L XL XXL XXXL Total Cases #UC0UC0 Unisex Children's Disposable Pants / White Pants White 10 7 6 23 #MA1 Men's Disposable Briefs / AQUA Briefs Aqua 16 15 17 19 16 83 #MN2 Men's Disposable Briefs / NAVY Briefs Navy 21 28 13 14 4 24 104 #MW3 Men's Disposable Briefs / WHITE Briefs White 26 28 23 26 18 16 137 #LBD4 Ladies' Disposable Panties / BIKINI / Dots Bikini Dots 16 28 23 18 24 109 #LBF5 Ladies' Disposable Panties / BIKINI / Floral Bikini Floral 85 84 52 57 45 323 #LBS6 Ladies' Disposable Panties / BIKINI / Solid Combination Bikini Solid Combo 75 68 101 33 61 338 #LBN7 Ladies' Disposable Panties / BIKINI / Solid Navy Bikini Solid Navy 2 2 3 2 3 5 17 #LBW8 Ladies' Disposable Panties / BIKINI / Solid White Bikini Solid White 2 2 #LRD9 Ladies' Disposable Panties / REGULAR / Dots Regular Dots 28 54 26 19 35 162 #LRF10 Ladies' Disposable Panties / REGULAR / Floral Regular FLoral 15 16 17 19 25 92 #LRS11 Ladies' Disposable Panties / REGULAR / Solid Combination Regular Solid Combo 38 27 39 49 29 182 #LRN12 Ladies' Disposable Panties / REGULAR / Solid Navy Regular Solid Navy 3 5 7 9 14 24 62 #LRW13 Ladies' Disposable Panties / REGULAR / Solid White Regular Solid White 1 3 15 20 10 17 66 #LTB14 Ladies' Disposable Thongs / Black Thong Black 56 56 #LTW15 Ladies' Disposable Thongs / White Thong White 34 34   Unknown - 1 or several from above styles 110   TOTALS 90 336 365 342 285 284 88 1,900

Wholesale Bikini Distributors - Discount Bikinis
Looking for Great Wholesale Sources for Fashion Bikinis, and Accessories? Well, we have pre-sellected and reliable Wholesale Bikinis Suppliers, Distributors and Discounters who offer Top-Selling Name Brand Popular Bikinis and Accessories at Below Wholesale Prices - Cheap, Dicount and Bulk Wholesale Bikinis, Bathing Suits and Accessories!
Bikini Wholesale Bikinis, Wholesale Thongs, Mini Skirts Wholesale
We offer a wide variety of wholesale bikinis, wholesale dresses, wholesale thongs and accessories. These items carry discounted pricing as well as some exclusive styles available to vendors only. To open a wholesale account please follow the instructions below.
Fashioneverywear - Wholesale Brazilian Swimwear and Brazilian
FashionEveryWear - Wholesale Bikinis and Discount Bikinis and Swimwear - Swimwear - Brazilian Bikinis, Thong & Micro Bikinis, Hand-Made Crochet Bikinis ... FashionEveryWear proposes a large selection of beautiful and unique Brazilian bikinis for wholesale in various styles, designs and colors.
Wholesale Swimwear Wholesale Bikinis Wholesale Swimsuits Wholesale
Elements Swim and Active Wear is setting the standards in the fashion industry with its new line of embellished swimwear. We define ourselves by our emphasis on quality. For that reason we never fail to overlook even the smallest detail of color, pat ... Wholesale Shoes Directory...
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Be sure to visit our Wholesale Name Brand and Top-Selling Bikinis Distributors Directory regularly... We update the Wholesale Bikini, Swimwear, Bathingsuits and Accessories Distributors on a regular basis. Several of which offer great wholesale deals on Discounted and Cheap wholesale -Bathingsuits, Swimwear and Accessories: bandeau bikinis, surf bikinis, swimsuits, billabong bikinis...